Monthly Archives: August 2019


One thing that we have yet to really advertise is some of the many sponsors who let us make and host these festivals in the first place. We have many sponsors including the commercial cleaning company that we spoke about previously, a property management company that works with us and many more.

The company that we want to advertise today is the company that has really helped us out throughout the last few years. They are a property management company based in Wollongong, and they have provided hundreds of thousands in sponsorships and money to invest into the festival.

Another sponsor that has really helped is a company selling investment property Sutherland shire who has given us thousands to support the trainers and help them reach the festival to begin with. Since we have so many people from around the world who attend our festivals, it’s important for us to be able to help then travel to the festival to begin with.

There are a few other companies that helps with investing and sponsorships, but these two companies specifically have helped us to keep the festival alive over the years. With the constant sponsorships they have provided us and the continuous advertising they have given for us throughout the years has really helped with the attendance of the crowd. It’s been increasing significantly every year and the advertising is a massive part of that.

Without our sponsors, the chances are we would have had to end the bird festival in 2013 due to the lack of funds to get all of the trainers and the animals together. The interest that the festival gets is great, and the amount of sales that we make on tickets are good too, but when it comes to the actual costs of running the festival, it’s hard to even break even.