Festival Cleaners

The unsung heroes of the festival (especially for the indoor venues) of the bird festival in Australia must be the cleaners. There are so many horror stories for the cleaners around the indoor venues that it would be enough for anyone to just quit. As you can imagine for the indoor venues, when you have thousands of birds freely flying around in the entire venue or even just their enclosers, you will see a lot of mess. This is even more true when you factor in the competition phase.

However, the cleaners have not only always been professional throughout, but also very thorough. This is because we hire a team of professional cleaners, and most of the time it is outsourced by carpet cleaners around Australia such as these guys: https://supercleanpro.com.au/

The benefit to using outsourcing companies rather than those dedicated to the event once a year simply comes down to professionalism. The outsourced professional companies are more likely to ensure that all carpets, hard tiles and general areas are as clean as possible throughout the event and especially after the event, when the venue is going to be used for a separate event. It’s important to make sure that the venue can be immediately turned around to be used for others.

With the larger events, there will always be a second, third or fourth convention for that week. Sometimes, there will be a convention the same day (if it’s one of the smaller events in Australia). But when it comes to the festival itself, it gets incredibly messy quickly. So, it’s important for us to make sure that we can turn around all venues immediately, and the carpet cleaners are incredibly effective for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed reading todays blog post, and we will make sure to continue posting some of the many amazing birds throughout the year!

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