Boise Festival Organisers

It can be difficult to organise a country wide festival for those all around an entire continent to come to, but luckily the bird festival in Australia has some of the best organisers around. They can market the event to a level where everyone in Australia is starting to hear about us, and they are able to book venues that are able to fit large amounts of people while ensuring the venue is completely fitted.

The bird festival was initially created to be a competition between all bird breeders and keepers to show that their birds were the best kept in the entire country, but in the end it turned into what became the biggest event in the world for all things bird related. But this isn’t a bad thing compared to what the original festival was.

The first year that the festival started to become a bird breeder and enthusiast convention rather than just a pageant show for bird breeders was 1999, where the average bird watcher had stumbled upon the competition side. It only took a few years before breeders around the world began to set up their own sections with the birds in cages (as the event was in the open rather than a closed building) and the bird enthusiasts began to take part.

The reason that the festival had grown so large in 1999 is because the organisers had really pushed the marketing aspect. The marketing aspect wasn’t pushed to attract people to come as part of a convention, but rather to push the amount of people who would compete in the judging section. That is why the significant increase was so interesting to us at the time. It was also why we were so hesitant on the increase to begin with. We were unsure as to how much the benefits of having a large increase would be against the competition aspect itself.

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