Alaskan Willow

One of the best birds that has been featured in the Boise Bird Festival in Australia was the Willow Ptarmigan. This isn’t a rare bird and is in fact the state bird of Alaska, but the reason that this bird was so significant of the 2017 festival wasn’t because of how rare or exotic the bird was, but rather how well the bird was kept. It was one of the best kept willows that have been seen at the festival, and it flew all the way from Alaska to join us!

The reason this bird stood out is both because it is a Willow, but it also had the finest white coat that has ever been presented for a willow too. The coat on the willow was snow white, and it had one of the finest feather batches you would ever see on a willow.

For those that don’t know, when it comes to the Australian weather it can get incredibly hot here. Depending on where the festival takes place on any given year, the area can get incredibly bright, especially when mixing with the sand and the “dirt”. It’s not dirty, but there is a lot of light that is provided to Australia in the summer.

With this specific Willow, the coat was so white that the shine was one of the brightest you would ever see. It was almost reflective into the coat! It’s so rare to see a coat that is so white that in the sun it feels like a shine within your eyes, but this willow had the brightest coat you would ever see in the sun!

The willow is one of the better birds that we saw of that year, although it did not win the overall award. It had won the north America award however, which is always in strong contention.

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