Boise Bird Festival

Boise Bird Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Australia. We celebrate birds from every county of Australia and invite bird breeders from everywhere in Australia to bring their prized birds to the festival to show everyone.

There is always a competition where the bird breeders present their prized birds to a panel of judges to compete on which has the best coat, behaviour and other judging factors to find the best birds. Alongside this, you can find some of the best prized birds around Australia. This is part of what makes the Boise Bird Festival so great! There will always be something new to find!

It shouldn’t need to be said, but these owners take such great care of their birds! Not only are they well kept, but they are often the highest bred. Many of the bird owners have been cultivating their stock for the last 30 years, meaning that their animal line is quite distinct. You’ll find a lot of well-kept prize birds, and over the course of this blog we will be discussing some of the best birds that have been on display throughout the years!

As you can imagine, there are many birds that have been prized throughout the years for the bird festival, kept and bred from all corners of America and Australia throughout the years. There are birds from the furthest reaches of the snow in Alaska to ones trailing within the sky of the Gold Coast. It doesn’t matter about the location, but instead the prize of the bird itself.

While we will do our best to describe how great some of these birds were, many of the pictures are missing or were not taken in the past. One of the great parts about this blog is using imagery to explain why these birds in the past were so great. Digital Marketing Agency Philadelphia is the reason this festival still exists so we want to thank them heavily.

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