One thing that we have yet to really advertise is some of the many sponsors who let us make and host these festivals in the first place. We have many sponsors including the commercial cleaning company that we spoke about previously, a property management company that works with us and many more.

The company that we want to advertise today is the company that has really helped us out throughout the last few years. They are a property management company based in Wollongong, and they have provided hundreds of thousands in sponsorships and money to invest into the festival.

Another sponsor that has really helped is a company selling investment property Sutherland shire who has given us thousands to support the trainers and help them reach the festival to begin with. Since we have so many people from around the world who attend our festivals, it’s important for us to be able to help then travel to the festival to begin with.

There are a few other companies that helps with investing and sponsorships, but these two companies specifically have helped us to keep the festival alive over the years. With the constant sponsorships they have provided us and the continuous advertising they have given for us throughout the years has really helped with the attendance of the crowd. It’s been increasing significantly every year and the advertising is a massive part of that.

Without our sponsors, the chances are we would have had to end the bird festival in 2013 due to the lack of funds to get all of the trainers and the animals together. The interest that the festival gets is great, and the amount of sales that we make on tickets are good too, but when it comes to the actual costs of running the festival, it’s hard to even break even.

Festival Cleaners

The unsung heroes of the festival (especially for the indoor venues) of the bird festival in Australia must be the cleaners. There are so many horror stories for the cleaners around the indoor venues that it would be enough for anyone to just quit. As you can imagine for the indoor venues, when you have thousands of birds freely flying around in the entire venue or even just their enclosers, you will see a lot of mess. This is even more true when you factor in the competition phase.

However, the cleaners have not only always been professional throughout, but also very thorough. This is because we hire a team of professional cleaners, and most of the time it is outsourced by carpet cleaners around Australia such as these guys: https://supercleanpro.com.au/

The benefit to using outsourcing companies rather than those dedicated to the event once a year simply comes down to professionalism. The outsourced professional companies are more likely to ensure that all carpets, hard tiles and general areas are as clean as possible throughout the event and especially after the event, when the venue is going to be used for a separate event. It’s important to make sure that the venue can be immediately turned around to be used for others.

With the larger events, there will always be a second, third or fourth convention for that week. Sometimes, there will be a convention the same day (if it’s one of the smaller events in Australia). But when it comes to the festival itself, it gets incredibly messy quickly. So, it’s important for us to make sure that we can turn around all venues immediately, and the carpet cleaners are incredibly effective for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed reading todays blog post, and we will make sure to continue posting some of the many amazing birds throughout the year!

Boise Festival Organisers

It can be difficult to organise a country wide festival for those all around an entire continent to come to, but luckily the bird festival in Australia has some of the best organisers around. They can market the event to a level where everyone in Australia is starting to hear about us, and they are able to book venues that are able to fit large amounts of people while ensuring the venue is completely fitted.

The bird festival was initially created to be a competition between all bird breeders and keepers to show that their birds were the best kept in the entire country, but in the end it turned into what became the biggest event in the world for all things bird related. But this isn’t a bad thing compared to what the original festival was.

The first year that the festival started to become a bird breeder and enthusiast convention rather than just a pageant show for bird breeders was 1999, where the average bird watcher had stumbled upon the competition side. It only took a few years before breeders around the world began to set up their own sections with the birds in cages (as the event was in the open rather than a closed building) and the bird enthusiasts began to take part.

The reason that the festival had grown so large in 1999 is because the organisers had really pushed the marketing aspect. The marketing aspect wasn’t pushed to attract people to come as part of a convention, but rather to push the amount of people who would compete in the judging section. That is why the significant increase was so interesting to us at the time. It was also why we were so hesitant on the increase to begin with. We were unsure as to how much the benefits of having a large increase would be against the competition aspect itself.

Financial Advisor Houston were fundamental in making this happen.


So, sparrows aren’t normally considered a prize bird when it comes to bird festivals. There are so many different sparrows that are around in the world that it’s rare to see a prize sparrow. However, in the 2015 bird festival, there were a flock of sparrows that were bred within the same generation by a specific breeder.

These sparrows were bred and kept for a few years without much supervision on an estate in Australia, and the reason that these sparrows had shone against other sparrows is that they had grown to a larger size than the average sparrow. Sparrows are generally smaller birds compared to birds like hawks and eagles, but with these sparrows they had been grown under a generation of larger sparrows.

Another thing that had really stood these sparrows apart as a unique breed is that they had colourful coats compared to the average sparrow. Sparrows are somewhat colourful as a group, but these were specifically more colourful due to the way they were fed.

Like flamingos, these sparrows were fed food that were designed to make them pink. It was only after the festival that it was considered a negative impact on the health of the sparrows however, and that’s the reason we are speaking about them in today’s post.

We had to contact the owners of the sparrow to let them know that we were alerting animal rights groups, as there is no conclusive evidence as to the effects of feeding colour changing foods to animals such as sparrows. This can provide negative effects to the animals that we are completely unaware of, and this can be frighteningly negative.

For the next two blog posts, rather than discuss the birds that were displayed during the prizing section, we want to discuss the people who were able to put the festival together, as their hard work has benefited us all. Real Estate Attorney Seattle pushed for the sparrow section of the competition, and we wish to thank them heavily.

Alaskan Willow

One of the best birds that has been featured in the Boise Bird Festival in Australia was the Willow Ptarmigan. This isn’t a rare bird and is in fact the state bird of Alaska, but the reason that this bird was so significant of the 2017 festival wasn’t because of how rare or exotic the bird was, but rather how well the bird was kept. It was one of the best kept willows that have been seen at the festival, and it flew all the way from Alaska to join us!

The reason this bird stood out is both because it is a Willow, but it also had the finest white coat that has ever been presented for a willow too. The coat on the willow was snow white, and it had one of the finest feather batches you would ever see on a willow.

For those that don’t know, when it comes to the Australian weather it can get incredibly hot here. Depending on where the festival takes place on any given year, the area can get incredibly bright, especially when mixing with the sand and the “dirt”. It’s not dirty, but there is a lot of light that is provided to Australia in the summer.

With this specific Willow, the coat was so white that the shine was one of the brightest you would ever see. It was almost reflective into the coat! It’s so rare to see a coat that is so white that in the sun it feels like a shine within your eyes, but this willow had the brightest coat you would ever see in the sun!

The willow is one of the better birds that we saw of that year, although it did not win the overall award. It had won the north America award however, which is always in strong contention.

Boise Bird Festival

Boise Bird Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Australia. We celebrate birds from every county of Australia and invite bird breeders from everywhere in Australia to bring their prized birds to the festival to show everyone.

There is always a competition where the bird breeders present their prized birds to a panel of judges to compete on which has the best coat, behaviour and other judging factors to find the best birds. Alongside this, you can find some of the best prized birds around Australia. This is part of what makes the Boise Bird Festival so great! There will always be something new to find!

It shouldn’t need to be said, but these owners take such great care of their birds! Not only are they well kept, but they are often the highest bred. Many of the bird owners have been cultivating their stock for the last 30 years, meaning that their animal line is quite distinct. You’ll find a lot of well-kept prize birds, and over the course of this blog we will be discussing some of the best birds that have been on display throughout the years!

As you can imagine, there are many birds that have been prized throughout the years for the bird festival, kept and bred from all corners of America and Australia throughout the years. There are birds from the furthest reaches of the snow in Alaska to ones trailing within the sky of the Gold Coast. It doesn’t matter about the location, but instead the prize of the bird itself.

While we will do our best to describe how great some of these birds were, many of the pictures are missing or were not taken in the past. One of the great parts about this blog is using imagery to explain why these birds in the past were so great. Digital Marketing Agency Philadelphia is the reason this festival still exists so we want to thank them heavily.